[Report] Takizawa Kabuki – Act 1

Duration of Act 1:

  • Approx. 1hr 20mins

Shows & Seats:

  • 4/25 Eve: 2nd Floor C (Right side)
  • 4/26 Day: 1st Floor K (Centre block, left)
  • 4/27 Eve: 1st Floor H (Centre block, slightly right)
  • 5/2 Eve: 1st Floor J (Absolute centre!)

The H seat was perhaps my best, followed closely by the J. There were no heads blocking, the path was absolutely clear so I could see whatever’s happening in the front stage, even when they were sitting down. The 2nd floor seat was good too coz the view was clear, and it was still near to the stage since the theatre was small. A plus (or minus, in some ways) point is, you can see some of the tricks from up there haha~ The worst seat I had was at row K. At one point, I felt like I was doing an Indian dance, my head moving left-right-left-right lol.