滝沢連合 第354章

Kyaa!! Takki just updated!! 愛.革命 CD is almost completed – only PV left to go!!! Ah~~ PV!!!!! Kyaaaaaa~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks, Nyanco, for helping me with this :)

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 354

22 Nov

Otsukarechan ^^

Iya~ I’m so happy that there seem to be many people who watched “Kokuchisezu” !! Everyone, really, thank you very much ^^ and everyone in the sales department, well done !! But next up is “Ai . Kakumei” da yo (sweat) Because I won’t let you rest ^^

All the recordings have been completed, and the shooting for the jacket has been completed too. Only PV is left ^^ Iya~ the coupling song will be incredible ^^ This age-age* song will be included (CD) and i’ll also recommend this age-age* song ^^ I’ll tell u the release date another time ! By the way, I’m in a hair salon now (fist) I told the stylist to “make me look like a foreign artiste” (sweat) An unexpectedly bitter smile (sweat)

* age-age: アゲアゲ, he probably means an “upbeat” song.

Maa~ FC balloting results for “Takizawa Kakumei” has been released ne, and many people didn’t win the opening and senshuuraku shows. Tickets are really really hot this time! It’s CRAZY, if you ask me… The schedule for 1/16 (Friday) has been changed too. Originally an evening show, it’s been rescheduled to the afternoon show… maybe so that Takki can appear on Music Station to promote “Ai Kakumei” XD

16 thoughts on “滝沢連合 第354章

  1. love says:

    hi mich! quite long time haven’t lurked around here… yep, i’m so happy to see the progress of ai kakumei and also the achievement of kokuchisezu… really proud of our tono-sama ne~

    btw, talking about FC balloting… yep, they are really hot, hot stuffs, hotter than the twilight tickets… LOL… my friend from japan called me crying, saying she couldn’t win the op and the senshuuruku… so funny ne~ what can i do, i am an oversea fan myself, how can i help an FC fan? i should go to japan and smack her head so she can at least feel thankful to win some tickets…

  2. KatSpore says:

    omg!! cd!! at least now my heart is at ease!! i will definitely buy 2 (at least) or more?! LOL.. *winking at mich* oh n thanks tono for all these updates ne! he’s really so hyper n busy but he still update us on this progress.. HE IS SO SWEET!!! I love u so much tono!!! coupling song, pv, ah.. i cant wait!!!

    i’m so happy abt the disc n forget to worry abt the tixs part..ma.. nex wk then see ba..

  3. simone says:

    Fantastic! Thanks so much for your update. Takki is going like a house on fire, ne…

    Chotto worried about the hair. I thought he could use a haircut. Just hope it does not come out too light!

    Forgot we had the PV to look forward to. But I am green with envy about those of you privileged people who will go. Just give us a totally detailed report after wards, OK?

  4. michelle says:

    love~ yea, having one or two tix is not too bad ne. i hope ur friend is alright.

    kat~ ya lor, so relieved that there will be a CD, that i forgot about every other thing liao lol. next week then see how ba!

    yuu~ you’re welcome ne! i’ll be waiting patiently too :)

    simone~ i think nobody knew there will be a PV. but now that he said it… yatta!!! hehe, i hope his hair won’t be too light too! but his hair in the latest popolo looks quite good on him (although it’s light) hehe… the jacket’s already shot, so we’d probably get to see the new “foreign” hairstyle in the PV :)

  5. sannah says:

    Mich….So happy to hear Takki’s latest update. That means….your wish and mine as well is coming true after all…….

    Thanks Johnny-san……..for backing up Tono-sama all the time….they can’t put a good man down ne…..

    So cool and nice of Takki not to forget to say thanks to his fans and for all the people who had help him….no wonder you’re so blessed….TAKKI.

    I’m not really so worried about his new haircut…..Just excited to see his new new look. He always will be handsome and pretty in my eyes…..LOL….I’m so biased when it comes to TAkki….can’t help it.

    THANKS for the update Mich and Nyanco!

  6. leapinglucas says:

    With a PV and all, it really does sound like a proper single release. I wonder if we will ever see Takitsuba as a group again. –sweat–

    I spend a lot of time with fans of other groups and I think we are up to their group’s third single releases now, and Takitsuba haven’t had a single one in the same time. I was also in the Family Club about a week ago for about 3 hours waiting for the Takitsuba VTR and everyone in the store stayed to watch every single group, even 6 versions of almost an identical film clip for Kanjani’s latest PV, but the minute the Takitsuba clip came on, everyone in the store turned and left. It was like an instant mass exodus. It was terribly sad. It made me cry. A very sad ending to my trip.

    I hear so many people say that they are dead as a group. No singles, no concerts, no albums. I hope that’s not true. None of my friends are very interested in them any more, so I have no-one to watch anything with. So happy for all Tackey and Tsubasas individual success, but I really hope this is not the beginning of the end like everyone says.

  7. michelle says:

    sannah~ ya, my shoulders feel much lighter now. we just have to wait for the release date :)

    leapinglucas~ i’m sorry about ur experience at the FC, but i think it has always been the case, for jshop too. there’re usually more fans there when there’s a takki, tsu or t&t show going on, or when there’s new VTR or shop photos. probably coz t&t has an older fanbase. well, actually many t&t fans i know have never been to the FC =P

    suki~ no, it’s alright, thanks for commenting ne, i really appreciate it! ^^

  8. MandyAiTakki says:

    Hi,Mich!My name is Mandy.I am from China. My Chinese name is “婉瑩”。 XDDD,we are takki fans.Can I make friend with you? Thanks for sharing about takki. I like your Blog and pic .I always reading it .But i hadn’t comment .ごめんなさい. This is my fisrt time to leave message. Because I’m not good at English . T_T ~~~~ I am very shy. Takki is my favorite idol. He is very handsome &cute. ∩__∩y 耶~~^^ I also like Tsubasa. Because Of takki. I am Looking forward To the new pv. In addition ,i can study english from your bolg.Thxxxxx!!

  9. michelle says:

    stephi-chan~ YES! He IS!!! So relieved~~ and happy that he actually told everyone via takiren first ^^

    mandy~ 你好、はじめまして! thanks for the message! feel free to email me (web@takki.us). ah, i like tsubasa because of takki too, hehe… btw, my name also has a 瑩 in it :) 宜しくね!

  10. glenda says:

    Michelle, thanks for the update & translation. I think you would be the first to agree that he won’t let you rest :p Guess he thinks if he doesn’t need much sleep neither do you haha I can’t imagine what foreign artiste he would want his hair to look like..Takki! Why mess with perfection? Yo! I can only hope that he does NOT go with the latest JE fad of a perm.

  11. michelle says:

    glenda~ lol! yea, no curly curly perm please~ erm… are there any ‘famous’ foreign artistes with that kind of perm now? hope not! *erases thoughts*

    mr. president, i dun think we’ve ever been given any rest, have we? maybe your PR department are just as “M” as you~:)

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