Takizawa Hideaki on Waratte Iitomo 2009.01.09

Just when I thought Takki finally has a morning/afternoon to rest, he was called by his friend yesterday to appear on today’s “Telephone Shocking” of Waratte Iitomo. It was broadcast live on Fuji TV at 12noon (Japan time). Yamapi came to support his Papa :D It was too long so I chopped it into two. Here is Part 1:

And this is part 2:

Takki looks really really tired ne… and pale, but he still looks really kakkoii and kawaii all the same! I hope he’ll stay healthy throughout this tough month. And please, support him by purchasing the original CDs of “Ai Kakumei”. Onegaishimasu m(_ _)m

7 thoughts on “Takizawa Hideaki on Waratte Iitomo 2009.01.09

  1. sannah says:

    Kyaaaaaaa!….Wanna have that poster too……Thanks Mich…So sweet of Yamapi to support his Papa Takki. It’s a second time seeing Pi with his Papa …..Love seeing them together ne….just like in their Junior days…

    Takki looks sleepy ne…..but I find it sexy and alluring! Ganabatte Takki…..!

  2. love says:

    it’s nice to see papa n pi again this month… ^^

    ah, takki looks really tired and sleepy ne~~
    he’s working do damn hard this month, not just this month, last month also because all of this butai and single thingy actually started last month, we just didn’t see it…

    and, yes… i don’t know how many times i have to do this…
    everybody, i’m begging every each of you, please buy the original copies of his CDs, he’s working more than damn hard for it and the butai. there is a reason why i left some sort of begging message on the forum shoutbox before. trust me if i went to that extent, there will always be a reason for it…

    ah, sorry mich… seems like i’m spamming your blog also…

  3. skammie says:


    How are you michelle?
    Just wanted to thank you for uploading these clips on youtube. I haven’t been following as much with the takki fandom so it was nice to see these vids come up on my youtube subscription ^_^

    Takki looks cute as always, especially those boyish laughs! KAWAII~~

  4. simone says:

    Thanks Mich, you are emulating Takki in diligence.

    I hope Takki doesn’t think he is invincible and that he does rest, somehow. I hate to see him so tired looking so early on.

    I do think one should support the artist(s) one is a fan of by buying their Cds. I would rather give up something else. I don’t think it is honest to just download their music.

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