[Report] 滝様コンサート’09 – Goods

It’s been a really hectic year of non-stop Takki single, butai, dvd, butai, single, and now… concert. No complaints at all though, since I’m enjoying everything apart from the lack of $$!! Sorry, I haven’t had the time to post up my Enbujo’09 show reports. Of course, I haven’t posted any Takizawa Kakumei’09 reports either and most probably won’t lol~ In any case, let’s start with the goods for Takisama Con’09, and pray that I’ll have time to post a report of the show before the drama starts on the 24th… which gives me 3 weeks!! Once the drama airs, I’ll have loads of work to do heh…

Goods Booth

The goods went on sale really early this time, as there was no afternoon show. Sales started at 1pm. We met Leli at her room and proceeded to buy goods. I think it was around 2pm. When we first saw the goods, Kat couldn’t stop kyaaaing lol… Everyone was looking, coz there was no one in the queue. I tried to shush her up, but had great difficulty myself, coz with a poster like THAT, and an uchiwa like THAT, it’s hard NOT to kyaaa or laugh out!!! XD

takisamacon goods booth

This is a sneak shot I took of the goods booth when it was empty. The crowd started to pour in at about 4pm. We had to queue a few times, coz each person is only limited to 5 pcs of any item.


EVERYTHING IN IT IS TAKKI!!!!!!! That’s why I love solocons! You get 3hrs non-stop of Takki (well, apart from the short Jr. show time), and a pamphlet with Takki ONLY! :) We hardly get the chance to own a pamphlet like that. In fact, this is only the 2nd time. For butai pamphlets, there are always juniors in it, and for unit con pamphlets, there’s of course Tsubasa in it. All these yrs, my most precious pamphlet is Takkuricon 2005’s (it still is! coz I went thru A LOT to get my hands on it~). Now this Takisamacon pamphlet is like a dream come true~ it’s even better than the first one! 100+ pages, filled with loads of kakkoii pictures (I didn’t really like Takki’s hair in the 2005 pamphlet), PINK!! and the colours of the pages are very visually pleasing.

takisama pamphlet cover

takisama pamphlet inner cover

Its theme is like… A certain day in the life of Takizawa Hideaki. And I think this was shot in Guam, as the newspaper was in English (erm… can he read English? lol~). Takizawa wakes up, looks out of the balcony (BICEPS!!), brushes his teeth, changes his clothes (ABS!!), has breakfast and reads the news, drinks coffee, wears his shoes, then leaves the house to go around exploring Guam.




He also plays the piano, the guitar, eats more delicious BBQ, takes a walk in the park, beside swimming pool, and in some building… then goes to the beach and writes LOVE in the sand…





After the ‘normal’ life of Takizawa, there’re 2 pages of “Another Day” at the end – a day when Takki had to carry out his role as TAKIRANGER, to defeat the evil guys with the power of LOVE =D



Some other pics I love from the pamphet:





I read the entire pamphlet last night, and ended up sleeping at 3am… although my eyes were half-closed, I didn’t want to sleep until I finished everything…



This was quite difficult to take a photo of, coz of the angle, but yeah, the poster looks something like this…


Once I saw it, I knew I had to get more than one. A pity the paper used for the poster isn’t as thick as the Enbujo ones, but the image is definitely yummy enough to make us drool…

Jumbo Uchiwa

This joker here made us laugh real hard. Usually the uchiwas are Takki’s face on one side, and his name on the other side, right? But this one is really unique! When we saw the “back” of the uchiwa, TAKIRANGER staring at us in his LOVE helmet, I think everyone couldn’t help but laugh! Definitely a must-get too!

takisama uchiwa


I didn’t really like the t-shirt at first… coz I didn’t really like that design at the front. But I loved the pink & the design at the back (a small little Tackey Summer Jet logo and words at the top only). BUT… after the show, I started to love the t-shirt alot!!! haha~ Takki looked sooo cute wearing it. And we all looked like little girls wearing it too bwahahahaha… Kat & I wore it for all 3 shows!! Snuffles & Loracyn wore it too on the 2nd day, so we were the 4 “LOVE” TAKIRangresses!!! XDDD

takisama t-shirt

BTW, Takki’s t-shirt is slightly different from ours. His “LOVE” words is GOLD in color, and *kirakira*!! XD But he looked so cute wearing it (plus the hairband) that I think more ppl went to buy it after the first show lol…

tackey wear takisama con goods

Kachuusha (Hairband)

Same as the t-shirt, I didn’t like the “LOVE” thing at first. But I think many fans (including Junior fans or Kame fans) went and bought them later, coz ALL of them wore it! LOL~ A.B.C-Z and Kame also did funny things with the hairband, like putting it around the eyes, covering one eye with the LOVE (like a pirate), wearing it as a headband (around the forehead), kiss the heart thingie, etc etc… And Takki looked too cute wearing it that it needed a great amount of self-control to not get my 2nd piece LOL

takisama hairband

BTW, the “LOVE” comes detached from the hairband. It can be worn on the left, right, upright (sticking out of the head), or flat (along with the head), in any way and any place you want. It can also be fitted with a safety pin, and pinned onto your bag or clothes! Cool!!!

Tote Bag

Also the same as with the t-shirt & hairband, I didn’t really like it at first haha. Coz I was expecting a totally shocking pink bag!!! But I loved the colourful side with many little heart shapes. I still don’t really like the side with the TAKIRANGER image hahahaha… BUT… as with the above goods, Takki carried the totebag during the concert!!! He put all his autographed cards into the bag, and took them out one-by-one to throw to the audience during the encore. See!!! If Takki carries one, we HAVE to get one too! LOL… I got two :D

takisama tote bag

That’s all for now. Although there are only a few goods this time (I’m expecting LIVE photos to appear on the goods list soon – for the Nagoya and Osaka con!), they are all SO CUTE!!!!! And the pamphlet is PERFECT!!! The first MUST-GET on the list, followed by that nosebleedingly sexy poster & hilarious uchiwa. But for people who went to the concert, they MUST get the t-shirt, kachuusha and tote bag as well!!!! Haha~

What’s missing is a penlight!!! It’s definitely required ne~ during the TAKIRANGER segment, and for all the songs with furitsuke as well. I brought my T&T kuricon’06 penlight but it had only green/red light. If only there was a Takisama Penlight with PINK light (in the shape of the Tackey Summer Jet?)! Aww, that would be perfect!!! XDDD


[Report] 滝様コンサート’09 – Goods

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  1. ah gomen, whenever i create a new category, by default it is private. i keep forgetting to unlock it hehe… now i’ve unlocked and u shud be able to view it :)

  2. are? u didn’t like the design initially ah? i thot it’s not bad… not like the normal kind. T-shirt can definitely be worn out and the tote bag can definitely be used (esp in SG! cos no one knows mah.. lol..) the hairband is abit difficult…but can remove the LOVE & put on other things and feel Takki Ranger power everywhere we go! heh…. ^_^

  3. I MISS HIM ALR!!! LOL at the 4 “LOVE” TAKIRangresses!!! Not forgetting there are also 4 of us at the hotel!!! fufufu.. ah.. this trip is also full of wonderful memories, laopo! *chu*

  4. Thanks for your sharing ne Mich.

    I think so, Tackey was so cute when he wear this T-shirt.

    I really love him

  5. hehehe what a way to start my morning! Thanks for sharing the info on the goods and their pix. I agree that the pamphlet is #1 on the must-have list…it’s on the NEED not the want list LOL

    Thanks too for everything else you’ve been sharing lately. I’ve been rushing thru here when I’ve gotten a chance to peek but I’ve not stopped to comment. Gomen. But I really do appreciate your and Bon’s efforts to keep us updated and informed.

  6. Thanks for posting more detailed infos of the goods. I was searching for them at yahoo auctions to get a better look of the goods but only found the styro plane, gloves and balloon. Harharhar!

    that poster is worth framing and be hang on a wall. *faints*

  7. That pamphlet looks positively yummy. You made me drool…I am fond of the uchiwa too..

    Thanks for all the info!

  8. hey Mich how can you take that pic of him on stage ?? I was to scare to get kick out because they said strictly no camera or video. I was so tempted to take pic of him though. And this is the only pic of him I got, I have posted up before. When he came out and greet the fans in b/t sessions on Sunday


  9. uwaaaahhh me so jealous XDXD thanks for sharing waaahh XDXD the pamphlet esp the takki in hte bed pic is soo kkkyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kyaaaaaa!!!!! Takki so cute with those headband…….Oh, so jealous….I should have all of the CON goods too……

    And the poster is really to drool over ne……..lucky you girls…….

    Thanks again…….;)

  11. loracyn~ yah, i din like them at first lor… they are the 日久深情 kind hahahaha…

    tipsy~ those are unofficial photos. of coz i didn’t take those pics!! there’s no way i could with all those staff around hehe… we missed him outside the arena, am still quite -_- about that…

  12. Mich, I’m so envious. I wanna go to a Takki concert (hehe, I just told simone I was too old to do the concert thing. I take it all back). I love all the goodies. I really want that Tshirt!

    My god that picture that you have for the header is just LURVE…those biceps *swoons* You just never get tired of how nicely “ripped” Takki is.

  13. Thank you Mich to let me view this content.

    Imagine….. if I attached that poster on my room’s wall, how can I sleep well with those eyes stare at me that way, and if I sleep and have a dream, it must be ero ero dream for sure.

  14. suki~ no, u’re not too old! we saw an 80+ year old grandmother walking really slowly with her roller luggage thing, and in it was a takki uchiwa!!

    PUI~ haha, yeah, some ppl pasted it on their hotel room wall, so that the moment they woke up, he’d be staring at them LOL

  15. bakami chan~~ your writting has bring back the sweetness monents of takiranger ne~~ tasuketa takiranger!!! reminding me on our bakaness la. hahaahah

  16. Thank you for sharing your con experience and the pictures of the con! Seeing all these images made me realize why Takki has been my first Japanese love. And my heart burst out of its seams when I saw your pic of Takki in a headband! XD

    I am preparing enough disk space for his drama this July! I can’t wait to watch him on the small screen again. :)

  17. Oh my God…
    I was hard to breathe when I see all these cool things…
    I really want to buy…
    But I don’t know how…=.=”
    Also,does anybody have the mini drama of “恋詩-コイウタ-“?…
    I have been finding it for a long long time…
    But still fail…T^T
    Can anybody help me-a full 20mins-length drama (I prefer that hasn’t been separated into several parts) with no subtitle?…
    Thank you so so so much…
    Looking forward for your support…

  18. Michelle,
    Thanks for your informaion, but I want to download, as buying things on the net is quite troublesome to me…
    Actually I don’t have any this kind of experience…
    Do you know any link available for me to download?…
    Or if you have this drama, can you upload it to the net?(begging)…

  19. By the way Michelle, I want to know how I can watch the videos that you have uploaded. Some videos are too long and so most of you separate them into several parts. I downloaded them but I could only watch the 1st one. I don’t know how to make them together. Can you tell me what to do?
    T^T Thanks a lot T^T

  20. chanmonkey~ sorry, we don’t encourage uploading of official files, as these are the only way we can show our support for t&t. or maybe u can check out the HMV in hongkong? i think they might be selling it there, coz i saw it selling in singapore.

  21. Michelle,
    You are right…
    We love our idol,that’s why we have to support them…
    Thanks for all your help…
    I was really jealous when I saw your collection…
    By the way,are you a Japanese or a…?
    I am from Macau,China,it is my pleasure to join you…

  22. Thanks a lot!! for the pictures,Tackey looks so Kakkoi!!! and of course the information about concert. I’d like to go a Tackey Concert 09!!! but for now I can’t.

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