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Our SHALALAs are here!!  Thank you, CDJapan!! XD

The thing is, I checked my a/c and it’s still “In Shipping Process”, and I haven’t received any EMS tracking no. too, but the box arrived at my office just now!! LOL! And even when I have so many tasks to do at work, I couldn’t stop my fingers from opening the box. It’s a HUGE box, containing 8 posters and 11 discs! Of course, not all of those belong to me :D

Shalalas in a box


[Review] Takizawa Enbujo’08 DVD

My precious DVD ♥ ♥ ♥ This is the most long-awaited one for me ne~ been thinking about it since Takki announced that DVD cams were present that day. You won’t know how many times I’ve listened to my preciouses :) On DVD, the audio was recorded from their mics, so the background music wasn’t loud like in my preciouses, but the speech is clear which is good. I just...

[Review] With Love… My “Ai Kakumei”s

滝沢秀明「愛・革命」 (Release date: 7th January 2009) Received my singles from CDJapan yesterday, and couldn’t concentrate on work after that. I even missed the recording of 3 wideshows becoz I was too excited. Then I met up with Kat and Irene after work to pass them theirs! ^^ My Amazon order only shipped last night and is due to arrive tomorrow. All songs in this single are written (lyrics and melody)...

[Review] T&T Premium Live DVD: Dame Con & Offshots A

Sorry, this is way overdue *lol*, but I have to do a review of this some how… My 2nd part of the T&T Premium Live DVD Review. Notes are as random as usual, and I apologise for the overload of screenies~ they were just too cute to be left out!




  • Skipping down the hanamichi~~
  • Shaking butts at the end of Ho! Summer!
  • To Be or not to be: Hisashiburi desu ne~~ Kakkoii dance!!
  • Aishiteru ze, T&T: Takki staring at camera!! *ROFL*
  • Battle call: Takki with “Tsubasa face” doing the “Woah, woah, woah, woah, yeah!” of “Get Down” *ROFL*!!!!
  • Still the battle call: Takki trying to do the work of the security staff? *ROFL*!!! The fans were fanning him with their uchiwas haha~ I totally didn’t get what he was trying to do until now! (written on 17th Aug 2008 – after watching it X times! xD)


My KOI UTAs!!!

Thank you, CDJapan!! o(_ _)o

I received my discs on Monday, 2 days before the release date! ^^

Boy I love the excitement of opening them one by one, the outer plastic, taking off the paper sleeves, opening the jewel cases, looking at the discs, the background of the discs, and opening the inner-fold papers! and KYAAing to myself! Hahaha~ I used my lousy ketai camera again so the quality of the pics is quite dame heh~




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