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[Review] Yukinojo Henge DVD

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I got my Yukichan DVD when I was in Japan! Yukinojo Henge is one DVD that’s so worth the $$! What I got was a very professional and high quality package, and quality extras too. My $$ was definitely well-spent! ^^

The outer box surface is kirakira, I don’t know how to describe it, it is silverish blue, and kinda shiny yet it’s not really glossy or matt lol. I slit the plastic wrap at the side so that the box remains well-protected, and removed the main compartment (sorry, I don’t know what to call this – disc holder? cardboard? 3-fold pane? lol~ my poor engrish is getting worse….) from the box. A brown booklet (below pic – in the middle) is slotted into a pocket on the left, while the other side is a pretty pic of Yukichan in Sagi Musume (below pic – on the right). I’m sorry the pics are taken with my handphone camera, so they aren’t very clear.




[Review] T&T Premium Live DVD: Best Tour, MC Collection & Offshots B

6hr DVD Marathon: 1/2 completed.

I reached home at about 9pm, so by the time I’ve washed up and sat comfortably in front of my TV with my box of Jagabee, it was 9.30pm. Started by watching “Best Tour” first lol! Then went on to the MC collection and Offshots B. Here are just some notes I made after completing this somewhat 3-hr marathon. I replayed a lot of parts that’s why I took so long lol… It’s 2.30am now btw :) Take this as my review hehe…

Sorry, this is as random as my mind :P

BEST TOUR 07-08 (DISC 01 of JACKETS A, B & C)


  • Footage was from the 24th Dec ’07 – 18:00 show (All-last @ Yokohama).
  • BUT, the encore (Aishiteru ze, Love Lucky & Hito natsu no) were from the 24th Dec ’07 – 13:00 show. Was it because some fan pulled Takki and he shouted “itte! itte!” that’s why it wasn’t included in the DVD?
  • Therefore, no christmas-tree!Takki :(
  • The entire Matchy-san VTR was not included. That includes Takki playing dead, with his head hanging out of the stage v_v;
  • Mezamero Yasei by Tsubasa was not included too.
  • No Hey!Say!Jump footage as well, which is good for us, but also means there is no Takki humming the “jumping to my dream” thing.
  • The MC was cut. But the “Takizawa no haha desu” part made it in ^o^
  • Yukichan VTR was cut short. It was played only from halfway thru.
  • Yukichan VTR probably wasn’t shown coz Yukichan isn’t under Avex. Copyright problems? When we were there, we can’t even see what Takki was wearing, he was such a tiny speck below the large VTR screen.


[Review] One! ~ The History of Tackey ~


Yesterday, I was in office refreshing the Singpost tracking page. Then at about 4.30pm, my receptionist colleague came over and handed me the package, smiling! Hehe~~ I was so excited, we stopped work for a while, and my colleague took pictures of my precious lol!


I remember commenting on how I wanted the words of the Best album to be “special”, eg. CUT-OUT or something. And here we have a One! First Press with cut-out words “Takizawa” and “Tackey”! Yay!! To be honest, I never expected a nice packaging ever since I saw the pictures of the covers posted up on the online sites. But upon seeing the real thing, it’s different. It’s much better than I expected!! ESPECIALLY THE DISCS CASES INSIDE!! I love how the casings are transparent, and how Disc One! and Disc Two! are printed, and in general, the red, white, transparent feel :) Even the simple text prints on the discs are nice~ ^^ (nicer than Enbujou’s discs prints lol~)


Oh, and my colleague stood behind me and took *paparazzi* pics while I was flipping the booklet lol~


As I had my laptop with me, I popped in disc 1 and what greeted me was this really nice instrumental of KI.SE.KI! Yes, it’s the menu’s background music! Came at the right time~ JUST WHEN I’M ON KI.SE.KI HIGH! :D

*WARNING: SPOILERS!!! if you read on*




After subbing Taiyou wa shizumanai for 2 days straight, I can memorise every single scene of episode 1 now lol~ and this song just came at the right time! :D This version sounds sooo much better than the one 7 years ago~ Takki’s voice has matured so much~ but the singing style still remains~~ which is excellent! Ah, actually I love Journey since watching Taiyou wa shizumanai x years ago :D So glad I finally have a CD version of it to keep (and to listen on repeat mode…)!

Anyway, I left as early as I could yesterday, at 5.45pm, carried that box, took a bus in the rain, and when I got back, first thing I did was to get a scissors to rip open the box… Then slowly pulled out the neat bubbled-wrap pack of 6 albums! – 3 are shuduck’s, 3 are mine!




[Warning: Spoilers from DVD of Samurai single]

KYAAAAAAAAA~~~ *nosebleeds*~~~ Ahhhhhhh~~~ KAKKOII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hahahahaha*~~ uwahhhh~~ *nosebleeds*~~ KAKKOII!!!!!!~~ *WAHAHAHA*~~ *nosebleeds* KAKKKOIIII!!!!!~~

That was my reaction when I was watching the offshots! OMG~~~ Takki looked so gooood ~^-^~ Whether it was his yummy delicious-looking biceps, or his pretty pretty face, whether he looked to the left, right, up, down.. aiya! any direction also can la~ also looks so kakkoii kekekekekeke… I am biased. That cheeky grin when he pointed katana-san at the camera, the silly lip-wetting move, spinning and spinning until *blur*, slicing the enemy after filming’s over *lol*, and even when he was just flashing that ^^ smile of his! But that ending solo footage of him and his katana beats it all for me! CHOU KAKKOII~~~[/fangirl-mode]

It’s a first for me, to receive the singles on the day of release. Ureshii ne~~~
Now lemme post just this one pic!


President wants all of you to buy the Samurai singles!!
So go buy if you haven’t~~ ^-^

BTW. I think the sand that they were fighting on looks slippery and quite hard to walk on? I keep thinking it’s the same as the sand at the beach I went to at Tsubasa’s hometown last week. It’s quite difficult to walk properly with slippers, let alone fight, swirl around, jump?? *lol* Noticed Takki’s feet slipping quite a bit, and Tsubasa’s too…

All in all, good job, T&T!

And I think HIMEGOTO is a song that will grow on you ne~~ it’s nicer with every listen~ the chorus is really quite catchy (for a while, I thought it sounded like a hk detective drama themesongs hehe~) :)

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