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[Scans] June 2010 mags

All the 5 mags in one post again :)

Popolo 06/2010

popolo1006-01.jpg popolo1006-02.jpgpopolo1006-03.jpg

Myojo 06/2010

myojo1006-01.jpg myojo1006-02.jpg myojo1006-03.jpg

Duet 06/2010

duet1006-01.jpg duet1006-02.jpg duet1006-03.jpg

Potato 06/2010

potato1006-01.jpg potato1006-02.jpg potato1006-03.jpg

[Scans] May 2010 mags

All 5 mags in one post :)

Duet 05/2010

duet1005-01.jpg duet1005-02.jpg duet1005-03.jpg

Wink Up 05/2010

winkup1005-01.jpg winkup1005-02.jpg winkup1005-03.jpg

Popolo 05/2010

popolo1005-01.jpg popolo1005-02.jpg popolo1005-03.jpg


[Scans] Duet 03/2010

Realised I haven’t scanned this one yet, from a few months back… And I just received the recent months’ clippings as well, so I should be posting some backdated scans soon.

duet1003-01.jpg duet1003-02.jpg duet1003-03.jpg duet1003-04.jpg duet1003-05.jpg

Sigh… I was watching Japan vs Paraguay. It’s really a cruel way to exit the World Cup…
But I think they played well. Samurai Blue, otsukaresama!

[Scans] Wink Up 08/2002

Some old scans from 2002, including Tsugawa Tatsuya :)

wu0208-tackey-01.jpg wu0208-tackey-02.jpg wu0208-tackey-03.jpg wu0208-tackey-04.jpg wu0208-tackey-05.jpg

I wish there’ll be another Takki drama, or better still, a movie. Johnny-san, please do something…

[Scans] Look at Star 07/2010

I gave up on Best Stage, but bought Look at Star just for THAT KISS!!! It’s a pity I wasn’t there when it happened (I only saw a kiss on the cheek, but this was on the lips! Go, Matsuzaki!!). Tono’s reaction was so cute! He cried like a boy at the side of the stage~~ I also love spider!Takizawa in the 2nd scan below, and the senshuuraku curtain call pics in the last scan!

lookstar1007-01.jpg lookstar1007-02.jpg lookstar1007-03.jpg lookstar1007-04.jpg lookstar1007-05.jpg

Juz realized I’ve been buying every issue of Look at Star this year, so far. This magazine costs $27.80 over here… Orz… But I couldn’t give up the kiss lol!

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