[Report] 滝様コンサート’09 – Part 2

Sorry, I kinda rushed through this, coz I really have to post it before the drama starts. Even so, it’s really long *lol* and filled with loads of endless flailing, but that was exactly the way I was during the concert haha~ yoroshiku ne! XD

Continuation from Part 1 ▷

Baddies VTR

A fly-like (LOL) black creature with a high pitched voice, the leader of the baddies, appeared on the screen, laughing~ moving his arms and asking questions like “What is this Takisama Concert?” etc… Then Takki’s voice came on, “Wait a minute!…”. And then, the cutest VTR in the world started showing on the screens :D


The title of the video is 愛の戦士/TAKIレンジャー and what I’ll be describing in the next few paragraphs was shown in FASTFORWARD motion, with the TAKIRANGER themesong playing in the background, plus some narration from Takki.

An alarm clock rings, TAKIRANGER who was sleeping in bed, reaches out for the clock and checks the time. He jumps out of bed, takes off his pyjamas, wears his black working shirt, suit & light grey tie, and puts on his pink LOVE helmet. Then, the camera zooms out to his full body and he’s still in his boxers LOL! *Oops* Then he eats his 3 bowls of LOVE rice (愛のご飯) but chokes halfway through *LMAOOO*!! ⇒ He needs this rice to give him power to save the world! haha~ Actually we only saw him choking from the 2nd show onwards, as the screen was right in front of us XD

TAKIRANGER runs and crosses a road, but he drops his bag behind, so he runs back to pick it, then runs to the train station, through the ticket gantry (which was pink in color!!), got stuck there for a while, then showed us a bottle of TaKaRa CAN Chu-Hi lol! (*)

Then TAKIRANGER queues up for the train at the platform, but a baddie cuts queue and stands in front of him, so TAKIRANGER raises his hands, and “special light” shot out from him and kills the baddie *LMAO*!!!! TAKIRANGER enters the train and sits in between 2 men. He tries to peek at the newspaper that one man is reading, then takes the earphones off another and listens to it (his head suddenly moves to the beat of the music) LOL…

TAKIRANGER then rushes out of the train, out of the train station, and runs to work! He’s still in his black suit, pink helmet, carrying an umbrella together with his working bag. He reaches office, runs to his seat, and on his computer screen is the game SOLITAIRE! LOL!!! He talks on the phone, bows to his boss many times, and a baddie holds his hand to use the mouse! He turns to look at the baddie, gets “electrocuted” and falls off his seat *LOL* At this point, they zoomed in on the “T” sign on TAKIRANGER’s belt (just above his *BEEP*)!

Then, after work, TAKIRANGER, still in his black suit, holding his bag and wearing that LOVE helmet – SKIPS HIS WAY HOME SMILING!!!!! SO CUTEEE!! TAKIDIMPLE!!~~XDDD

At that point of time, the music has reached this part…. “AI AI AI AI AI AI TAKIRANGER~~~ *RABU* (LOVE)”. When it came to the *RABU* part, they showed a fully-dressed TAKIRANGER (in pink), doing his special sure-win move — the “LOVE DECLARATION” i.e. using his hands to make a heart shape in front of his chest, tilting his head one side, and mouthing the words “RABU”! *KAWAII* On the screen, a pink heart pops out from his heart too bwaahahaha~

The last part of the VTR was TAKIRANGER, in his black suit and pink helmet, standing with folded arms, looking really serious, and staring at the sea. The voiceover explains what TAKIRANGER is – A superhero who defeats the bad guys with the power of LOVE XD

* Note: An eyewitness saw the filming of this scene a while ago ne. The “battle” she saw must be between TAKIRANGER and the baddies (who were also salaryman wearing black masks LOLLL), but that scene probably wasn’t used in the final VTR.

Ranger Show

Baddies slid down from the ceiling onto the middle hanamichi. And Tottsu, a ‘normal’ guy, was being attacked by the baddies. I found that the juniors fighting part was too long and messy during the first show, but during the 2nd and last show, I didn’t think that way. Maybe they shortened it?

Anyway, suddenly we heard a “Hahahaha” laughter, and Kawai appeared in a curly blond wig *LOL* Apparently, he was the leader of the baddies, and he introduced himself as “Kawai Sandorobicchi. Kawabicchi, for short” *LOL* And he instructed the baddies to attack!

Tottsu was saying “If only TAKIRANGER was here…” and he decided to call for him…. “TA-KI-RAN— ” but got kicked in the butt LOL… Then he shouted again “Help, TAKIRANGER!!!”… But TAKIRANGER didn’t appear! Lol~

Tottsu said everyone had to call for TAKIRANGER at the same time, so all of us shouted “TAKIRANGER… TAKIRANGER… TAKIRANGER…” until Kawabicchi told us to stop! Then he said something and followed with a super-exaggerated laughter, “YAAA~HAHAHAHA… YAAA~*COUGHS*CHOKES*COUGHS*” ROFL!!!!


Then 2 chibi rangers appeared – miniature versions of TAKIRANGER, dressed in pink too! But they are called 1号 and 2号 (No.1 and No.2). One of them held a red nunchakus, and another a red hammer. I recognised one of them as the shigin junior who can do the nunchakus so well during Enbujo. Then suddenly we heard a low-pitched laughter “hnn… hnn… hnn… hnn…” and TAKIRANGER appeared at the top right of the stage – high up there! He slid down with one hand holding the cable, and we were wow-ing while he did it, coz it was quite a distance down ne!

TAKIレンジャー slide

Then he introduced himself, “I’m born for the sake of protecting love and peace. Yes, my name is… TAKIRANGER!” *POSES*

TAKIレンジャー and チビレンジャー

Usually he said it seriously and in a deep voice, but during the first show, he made us all laugh with his dorky high-pitched “TAKIRANGER!” *LOL*


Then he started fighting the baddies. There was a part where TAKIRANGER was on the top platform of the main stage, in the middle of many baddies. There were baddies on his left, and baddies on his right as well. To the ones on his right, he raised his arms to “strike” them, and all of them flew backwards and onto the ground.

But to the baddies on his left, he suddenly showed his SURE-WIN MOVE — his “LOVE DECLARATION” LOL! He did the *RABU* action, smiled at the baddies, and all of them flew back onto the ground!! WAHAHAHA~~!!!

Then Takki did FREE FALL #1 from the upper stage to the main stage. It was so fast that I didn’t have any time to react. But it looked like a ‘simple’ one for him (compared to what’s coming next) coz it was probably only 1-storey high. And immediately after landing on the crash mat, he got up and fight again. Then one of the chibi rangers passed TAKIRANGER the red hammer, and TAKIRANGER started HITTING the baddies with the hammer… the sound effects “pink-pink-pink-pink” were sooooo hilarious!!!!!

TAKIRANGER with hammer

Then TAKIRANGER left the scene, and Tottsu said he’ll leave it to 1号 and 2号. They fought bravely but couldn’t hold on much longer before they called out for TAKIRANGER again. This time, TAKIRANGER appeared in his little vehicle – erm,  I call it TAKIMOBILE (with “LOVE” in front)!


And he rode along the hanamichi from Arena E onwards… dragging baddies along the way, and “hitting” them out of his way… until he reached the far end stage, when he hit the “brakes”, loads of smoke shot up from its surrounding. Sugoi!

Then TAKIRANGER continued driving his TAKIMOBILE until he reached the middle of Arenas A & B, and he stood up, took out a huge BAZOOKA (LOL… Lemme call this the TAKIZOOKA~^^), and he made 3 shots at the baddies over at the middle stage, middle hanamichi, and main stage. As he shot, smoke shot up over at where the baddies were, and they fell onto the ground of course!

Then he drove to the stage, got out of his TAKIMOBILE, and took his large sword. When he moved his fingers over the blade of the sword, there was a sound effect **BUUAANG**, like in Star Wars?! LOL Soooo funny!!! TAKIRANGER fought more baddies… in fish or whatever creature-suits lol



TAKIレンジャー Injured!

But soon Kawabicchi fought him too and he was too strong for TAKIRANGER… he gave TAKIRANGER one strong blow (Kawai Sandoro Beam? lol~), and TAKIRANGER, who was at the middle stage, fell onto the ground and scrambled all the way till he was almost near the far end stage! Suddenly he was in between 2 bars… and the entire part below him moved up! The first time we saw it, we were going “wow”~ he actually was in a crane! It moved higher and higher… and injured TAKIRANGER was struggling to stand up…

Everyone called “TAKIRANGER… GANBATTE!!”! And Tottsu said we have to wave our penlights in a circle, slowly at first and then faster and faster, to give TAKIRANGER the “POWER” LOLLLL! So we spun the penlights round and round and round… and suddenly, TAKIRANGER gave a huge BLOW towards the main stage, and there was a huge explosion at the main stage! This was perhaps the loudest explosion of the whole show!

Then there was the sound of the heart beating…DOKI DOKI… DOKI DOKI… as TAKIRANGER struggled to stand up…. By this time, the crane was really high up in the air… about 15m (5-storeys high?)… and WITHOUT WARNING, TAKIRANGER dived downwards…. I REALLY WAS SHOCKED!!!! EVERYONE SCREAMED…. I can feel the tensed and shocked atmosphere, those couple of seconds after we realised he dived…

Everyone seemed stunned for a while, and it was only after we regained our composure that we applauded!! I totally didn’t see the mat below at all yo! It was total darkness, and the fall seemed so long… Even though I’ve seen him free-fall before during Enbujo, and Takirev, this one was scarier.


And after he fell onto the ground… he always laid there, breathing heavily, and looking injured… I was worried during one of the shows that he might have hurt something… But he struggled towards the main stage from the middle stage, crawling on the ground etc. Tottsu told us all to call TAKIRANGER again to give him the strength~~ Hahaha~~ So we all called “TAKIRANGER… TAKIRANGER… TAKIRANGER…” until he recovered his strength, stood up, put on his LOVE helmet, and then the music for TAKIRANGER Themesong played again!

TAKIレンジャー Themesong

Lol~ TAKIRANGER was so weak one minute ago, and now he’s dancing like a little kid, with the chibi rangers and baddies around him. This time, we can see the lyrics for the song. The “bala”s in the first few lines made me laugh. Previously, during the VTR, I was too engrossed with the visuals to listen properly to the words. Ah, the furitsuke was easy to do ne, so everyone caught it real quick, and we all did the actions together during the “Ai Ai Ai Ai Sentai, Taki Taki Taki Taki Ranger” part. It was really fun! HAHA!

TAKIRANGER furitsuke

After the song ended, TAKIRANGER ran off stage, and while Tottsu wanted to thank TAKIRANGER, he couldn’t find him. He asked chibirangers 1号 and 2号 where TAKIRANGER was, and one of them said “TAKIRANGER has flown to the 愛の世界 (World of LOVE)!!” *LOL*

YOU Yacchaina yo!!

The fly-like big baddie creature with chipmunk voice came on screen again and scolded the baddies… then he said “You guys, you should get back to the show!! YOU tachi, yacchaina!!”! And the intro for “YOU yacchaina yo!!” played. And Takki appeared at the West Stand!!!! Yatta! Takki has flew to the stands for fan service!! Yaaaay!!!!

The truck would move between Rows 5 & 6, from West all the way to East. During the first show, we were below, at Arena B, and I asked Snuffles where we would be sitting for the next 2 shows. But she didn’t know too LOL… Seriously, we only knew our seats for the 2nd & 3rd shows after the first show. We just knew we were somewhere in the stands LOL. But it turned out that for the 2nd show, we were at North Row 8, so we’re 3 rows from the truck. And during the last show, we were at West Row 5, just directly below the truck!

During the last show, we were just staring behind while the big baddie VTR was being played. We were all waiting for him to appear! The security staff “blocked” the staircases, and we saw the truck stationed there already. Then when Takki came and climbed onto the truck in the dark, we were screaming and waving like MAD!!! He was soooo near!!! When he passed by us, he turned to look at Row 6, so we could only see his back (and butt LOL), but we were thaaaat close! About 1m? I don’t know~ :D :D :D But to me, the closest VIEW we had of him was during the 2nd show, when we were at Row 8, and the truck passed by below Row 6… coz he was looking towards our direction… though there was no eye contact, we could see his sweat-striken face SO CLEARLY!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAA!! XDDDD Maa~ We were almost on same eye level I think… KYAAA!! XDDD

Hito Natsu No…

After YOU Yacchaina yo!! ended, Takki was somewhere in the North Stand. Then, Hito Natsu no… was played while he moved from North to East Stand. After he reached the end of East stand, there was a spiral staircase, where he climbed down to where Arena E was… and he’d sit on the steps there to sing… Or throw his hand up according to the music “Wanna be free? (JUMP) Wanna be cool? (JUMP)”…


The MCs will be translated later, so I’ll just add some notes for now.

6/27, 18:00 show
Kame from KATTUN appeared wearing Takki’s sweaty LOVE helmet. He’s KameRANGER. LOL~ He stayed all the way with Takki until the end of Negai.

6/28, 13:00 show
It was just Takki and us :D :D :D

6/28, 17:00 show
Takki brought ABC-Z out on stage with him. There was a lot of focus on Kawai and Hashimoto. Of course, the Jr fans enjoyed it… Takki is too nice ne, always giving the Jrs and his colleagues the limelight.


This is my favourite song of the concert, coz it’s live and unplugged… and Takki played the piano!!!! He was still in his ranger pants, but in a black t-shirt with sleeve only on one-side! LOL


6/27, 18:00 show:

He was SOOOOO NERVOUS!!!! First, he said he had only played the piano and sang this song once during a concert (and I guessed “Negai” right away~ that one time was from Hatachi DVD~).

Takki said that this corner makes him the most DOKI DOKI :D He has many solo songs, and this is one which he likes… “Ok, please listen to… Neko Funjatta (Flea Waltz).” and he played a bit of that lol! Then he said, “I lied… I’m really nervous, sorry… Well then… Well then, please listen to… Negai.”

He played the first bar and then stopped abruptly, “Eh, wait a minute”… and said again “Well then, please listen…” and started playing the intro, and started singing. It went well for a few lines, before he hit the wrong keys just before the “sukoshi…” part LOL. Takki stopped abruptly again, “Sorry, wait a minute!”… And he started fiddling around with the keys, saying “something is weird…” LOL…

Then, Kame said “The guest are lucky ne”, but Takki said “I’m not lucky yo”. Haha, we are indeed lucky ne, to be able to witness such a cute situation hehehe~~ Flustered Takki wa ichiban kawaii~ :D Then… Takki said “Ok, let’s go again”… but a second later, he said “wait wait… where should we start from… oh, from the start?…” etc etc… And we all shouted “Ganbatte, Takki!” :)

Then he said, “Ok, please listen to… Negai!” and started playing the piano… BUT!!!! The very first notes he hit were WRONG!!! *LMAO* His reaction was so cute, “wait wait wait… it’s wrong, it’s wrong…” *ROFL*

Then he told the staff in charge of the lighting — “Lights-san, lights-san, this… this type of light is somehow making me nervous yo!!” And he made the Lights-san turn on a bit of warm light. Before that, it was darkness for us and all the attention was on him lol. Then, I think he told the camera not to film him, and he told all of us to relax and start talking to each other, as though it’s the New Year, and we’re eating senbei while watching TV! Hahahaha~

Then finally, he got it right… well, almost right! LOL~ He said again, “Alright then, please listen… Negai!” for the X-th time! LOL~ And started playing… but the 2nd line’s first chord was wrong again haha… But he continued playing until the end of the song~ Awwww~ I LOVE HIS VOICE NE~~ I love Takki’s raw voice~ so yasashii~~ ★

For both shows on 6/28, everything went smoothly. During the day show of 6/28, when it came to this corner, Takki said that he messed this up the day before LOL… said he was so nervous he couldn’t play haha…

We all shouted for him to ganbatte! But he told us not to look at him, and to talk among ourselves etc lol… something like that. He also said, “please listen, no matter how many times it takes.” Hmmm, he said the more we asked him to ganbatte, the more nervous he’ll get :D

Of course, the warm light was turned on during the last 2 shows haha…

Junior Showtime

Takki introduced the Johnnys Jr showtime! And as Takki went back stage to change, we also took the chance to go for our toilet break during the final show :)

Orthros no Inu theme song (now called “Hikari Hitotsu”)

For the 2nd & 3rd show, Takki performed the themesong for “Orthros no Inu”. The title wasn’t decided yet then. The big screen showed the CM of Wan Wan. Then Takki appeared in the colourful Takki DJ outfit, and was surrounded by mirrors. There was a huge cracking sound and the visuals of a mirror (the entire screen) shattering just before the chorus. The first time I heard this song, I LOVE IT!!! It’s so catchy, and I think it suits the drama so well~ XD If you missed the lyrics translations, douzo~ (though most of the lyrics has changed since then LOL).

WanWan Theme

BTW, the music intro of the song was different for the 2nd & 3rd shows!

DJ Takki

Takki stood in front of a DJ box thing with gold headsets, he was doing his DJ mixing stuff while the Jrs performed on the hanamichi. I think it was Five who did a conto, and I remember during the 2nd & 3rd shows, Makino and Goto KISSED! LOL! Then there was a familiar remixed tune… which turned out to be Yume Monogatari (Remix). We all did the furitsuke. Then I remember Takki had to play “monkey” with 2 tall juniors! LOL They were throwing some ball between themselves, and Takki who’s obviously the shortest was trying to jump to catch the ball LOL…

takki DJ

There was also a segment – my favourite of the DJ segment – where we can see Takki DANCE in a clubbing kind of way. I don’t know how to describe, but I thought he looked really cool doing that dance. Everyone on stage did the same moves according to the beat. I wish I can see that again… Then, there was a “Venus” remixed version too. We all did the furitsuke of course.

X~DAME Ondo!

YAY!! It’s back!! I LOVE X~DAME Ondo! XDDD First saw the performance during the summer of 2007 in Enbujo 2007… it’s back 2 years later, in the summer of 2009 :) I love the introduction, DJmix. Haha~ and Takki’s voiceover… I had always preferred it to the original “X~Dame”. They “danced” from main stage to the middle stage. Jrs, female dancers, etc, with Takki right in front, formed a line, and moved their hands up to the left, then right, while skipping lol. Then Takki got onto the crane, and did the “nose-breaking” furitsuke up in the crane too.

But with Dame Ondo, there’s always this “mou ichido” (one more time) part. He did it during Enbujo, and now again… He would row his hands, and show his finger “one more time” LOL (sorry, I’m bad at explaining haha). But I also did the same action, coz it just came very naturally from me LOL… The “dame dame dame dame dame…” became faster towards the end of the song.

Dame Journey


Takki sang this in the crane. During this song, I could only think of Kuricon’07 when I was with Bon-chan, and Takki was singing this live… and how we were holding our breaths during a certain part hehe…

Mugen no Hane

Beautiful violin music played… and I was wondering what song it was… until the music changed and I heard the chords for Mugen no Hane :) Then, the music changed to a jazzy version, while some Jrs danced individually… And finally the usual intro to Mugen no Hane played, and everyone screamed :)

Takki appeared in a white suit with a hat. And he was wearing his pink&silver TAKISHOES!!! Kakkoii! I love the entire dance, as usual, especially the bridge music part where they did the V-shape formation and threw their hats etc… BUT… everytime they threw the hats and caught them again, the camera would be focussing on the juniors! v_v; They should show ALL of them as a group at least! As Kitayama and Fujigaya weren’t around, their parts were sung by some other Jrs (not sure who, sorry).


But all of them were dancing on this platform that’s shaking horizontally as they moved left and right. It looks scary~

Futari no Yoru

This one was performed on the main stage too. From the 2nd show onwards, there was a camera that filmed them from the top. They formed an “X” formation, with Takki in the middle. As always, I love the hand move for Futari no Yoru during the chorus… especially during Takizawa Kakumei’s (sorry, digress a bit… but everytime I think of Takki doing Futari no Yoru in that red baggy pants and sleeveless white top, I go gaga~ XD).

Futari no Yoru

After the song ended, lights started flashing around the arena, and there was chaotic noise… then it blended into the intro of —


Takki appeared in a mini airplane high above the main stage!! He took off his white jacket, so he was wearing a white sleeveless top, standing on the plane that looked so flimsy!! He was only holding to a pole for support, and the airplane was swaying left and right, to and fro… So scary! Takisama, are you trying to train up our hearts? Seeing free falls, slides, stunts, shaking platforms, and shaky planes~

Tackey Madonna

Then towards the end, he “flew” towards the far end stage area really fast, and there was smoke coming out from the back of the plane.


This song was performed only during the first show on 6/27.

Taste Me

I love doing the furitsuke for the chorus, “Taste me, honey. Eat me, honey.” etc… Yummy, Takisama :D He performed this from the far end stage, passed Arenas B, A & F, to the main stage.


Takki thanked everyone for coming, and said that the next song was written as a message to his fans, and found in the “Shalala” Tackey Shop special edition. Well, this song… made me cry. During the 2nd and last show, especially the last show… coz it was the all-last yo, and I knew I won’t be seeing him again any time soon… Maa, I hate that feeling… When it came to this part of the song, and especially when I saw the bolded words on the screen, my eyes started to fill up with tears *55555*

さよならの言葉の度に 涙する君の顔が
愛しくてもどかしいんだ また会えること信じて
ありがとうの一言では 伝えきれないメッセージを
いつか伝えたいから待ってろよ 不器用な言葉だけど

But during the first show, I didn’t feel that way at all! Why?? Coz they were dropping styrafoam Tackey Summer Jets from the ceiling! We were in our only arena seats then, so we were busy trying to catch them – that I didn’t even pay attention to what Takki was doing LOL!

And the best thing was… I ACTUALLY CAUGHT ONE!! It was somewhere towards the end of the song~ honto ni ureshii!!! Although it’s only styrafoam, it has the pink & silver TACKEY SUMMER JET logo on it! Kawaii!!!

tackey summer jet

Closing Speech

It’s been a long while since his last concert and solocon, and although it’s only a short time, he had a really fun time with everyone. There are shows in Nagoya and Osaka too, so he hopes that together with everyone, they will do their best, without injuries, all the way to the last show in Osaka. He thanked everyone for coming, and said “See you again”.


We all did the Tackey Call – TAKKI *CLAP CLAP* TAKKI *CLAP CLAP*… and finally, music played, and the screen had words like “He’s back again… From Korea?… Takisama’s landing in Japan… For now, please get to know him…” and then finally the words that made everyone scream was…


The music for “Winter Sonata” played, and Takki appeared dressed as Yon-sama (Bae Yong Jun), in a long beige coat and muffler, with that nerdy specs lol. But the funniest was Takki’s “half smile” expression! LOL! He always put his hand on his chest, then closed his eyes and *smile* LOLLL… At first I didn’t even know he was cosplaying Bae, coz erm, I never really watched Winter Sonata lol~ (and what a coincidence, while I was in Japan for this concert, my family back home was rewatching Winter Sonata. My mom likes Bae a lot =_=).

takisama half smile

During the first show, Takki said “Takisama desu”. For the 2nd show, he said “Yon-sama ja nai desu yo. Takisama desu kara ne (I’m not Yon-sama, I am Taki-sama.)”, and then for the final show, he said “Megane ichiban” (I found out later that this phrase was used by Yon-sama in a spectacle advertisement or something). He always imitated Yon-sama’s voice while saying these phrases. For the last show, Takki also did funny expressions according to the beat. When the music was changing into a techno version, he moved his mouth (smiling broader, than narrower) according to the beat of the techno remix! *LOLOL*

Then as the techno version started, Takisama started roller-blading along the hanamichi, from Arena E… and it was the first time I saw him roller-blading! It never occurred to me that he could roller-blade so well… He placed both hands behind his back, and skated down the hanamichi slides while the wind blew his hair back, then he would do the half-smile halfway through, putting one hand to his chest lol…

takisama rollerblade

But being the cheeky Takki that he always is, and I’m not sure if it was on purpose or not, but he would suddenly swing both arms, as though he was losing his balance… Kawaii!!! And when he reached Arena F, there’s a slight slope up to the main stage… and sometimes he didn’t gain enough momentum, so he would try very desperately to ‘climb’ or ‘walk/run’ up that slope… so funny!!

Oh yes, he also did this kind of blading… you know, like put one hand behind his back, bend his body forward and swing the other arm left & right? We would laugh whenever he did it. Maa, this boy is really full of crazy ideas, and you’ll never get bored watching him!

Then he bladed to the main stage, and down the middle hanamichi, to the middle stage. There were many Jrs there waiting to “catch” him… and when he’s about to reach them, he would swing his arms like mad and “fall” or “crash” onto them! So funny~~ Then the lights would go off… and the jrs would remove Takki’s rollerblades, and Takki would wear his TAKISHOES :) Takisama then climbed onto a platform which was raised up. The Jrs stayed on stage level, but Takki was alone up there~ XD


Then… the sexiest part of the ERO ERO DANCE came, and mich was TOTALLY BEYOND CURE!!!!!!!! STARING AT THAT BIG SCREEN WITH A CLOSE UP OF ONLY TAKISAMA’S *BEEP* AREA (WITH NAKED ABS), I think I was standing in a pool of my own nosebleed!!!!!!! He started off by molesting his own face, then slowly started making hip swirls (from our pt of view, as we were looking at the huge screen, it was as though he was doing the moves towards us~ bwahaha~ if you get what I mean). It was THAT close-up, especially during the 2nd show (good job, cameraman)!

Ero Ero Dance 2009

Then, he took off his overcoat, threw it aside, and continued swirling, turned round and swirled his butt at “us” again, turned back and knelt down on the platform. Meanwhile, all the juniors below were also doing their sexy dance, so all the jr fans were also going gaga… But Takki was alone up there and all the spotlight (and camera close ups) were on him! Haha~ Then Takisama did some hip thrusts (towards “us” i.e. the camera’s close up again!), and a few more, a few more, and then… it ended!!!! He picked up his coat and threw it up in the air.

During the last show, or was it the first, he even covered his nipples at the end! LOL! And during the 2nd show, he said using a Yon-sama voice – “gomennasai” (“Sorry”). I think coz he was fiddling around with his earphones lol.

Ero Ero Dance 2009

It was SOOOO SHORT!!!!!!!!!!! (I heard that Nagoya’s concert was the most *SEXY* one~~~ Mitaii!!!!) But…. fortunately it was that short, otherwise we might have lost too much blood to continue, or lost our voice too, coz we were screaming like MAD (the loudest I ever screamed probably)!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, those videos from WS clips didn’t show what we saw from the camera screens ne~ I think it REALLY matters, where you’re sitting ne!!! So yeah, if you had OUR view during the ero ero dance, you’d probably be in the same state as us LOL

Hitomi wo Tojite

Then the music for Hitomi wo Tojite played, and Takki wore the kachuusha, and started wearing his T-shirt, there on the raised platform! The camera-san was still focusing on his BODY close-up!! So we could see those ABS while he wore the T-shirt. This is the closest I can find to what we saw on the screen then (camera-san actually closed-up much more on his abs~):

change into contee

He sang this one live! And I LOVE THIS SONG!! Know what? The day before, when we arrived in Japan, on the way from the airport to our hotel, I was still showing Kat on my iPod a performance of this song by Takki on Shounen Club in 2002. And he really sang this during the concert! I was singing and throwing my arms during the chorus like crazy~~ coz I love this song! And I was really very high by then! And seeing Takki in THAT KIND OF kawaii outfit (during the 2nd & last shows, he was even carrying the tote bag!), it’s enough to get us mad ne… He started throwing autographed cards to the audience~

During the first show, he was standing near Arenas D & E, and threw a card towards the stands… the card flew up and away but boomeranged back, and landed on the hanamichi!!! LOL!!! So he tried again, and the same thing happened!! LOL!!! We were all the way over at Arena B, but we were laughing at that! Then… he tried for the 3RD TIME!!!! And for the 3rd time in succession, the card came curving back to the hanamichi… AGAIN!! WAHAHAHAHA!!! Takki was so pissed, he stamped his feet and made a “hmmph!” sound!! SO CUTE!!!

Sha La La

He sang the entire first verse live. And sometimes he was busy taking out the cards from the bag, so he didn’t sing. I still prefer Takki’s LIVE voice ne! It always sounds lower than the recorded one…

Takisama throwing autograph cards

During the 2nd show, cheeky Takki was standing below us, at Arenas C, and he PRETENDED to throw the card (as in, held the card and swung his arm but never actually letting go of the card!) many many times at a go! It’s like… We thought he’d usually only pretend once or twice, then throw it for real at the 3rd time. But no, this naughty boy made fun of the fans sooo many times, that we just couldn’t stop laughing!

I think, recently, he’s really become a bit more “S”!!!! First, he kept giving us the disgusted look during the battle call *LOL* and then now, this…

Anyway, a very cute Sha La La music kept playing in the background while Takki introduced the jrs, the band, and finally himself! The last show was the cutest, the music was going on and on and on… and Takki just kept dancing and dancing with the Jrs… He’d swing both arms exaggeratedly, and moving his butt and legs left and right, left and right~~ KAWAAAIII!!!!! All the Jrs would follow him too!

Then, when we thought that he was going to stop (after the music finished one round), he CONTINUED dancing and swinging his arms again~~ hahaha! And the Jrs also followed him. He did it many times, it’s as though he didn’t want it to end (WE didn’t want it to end either yo!) But right until the last song of the encore, he still made us laugh~

Encore #2

We did the TACKEY CALL again, and Takki came out again during the 6/27 show, and the last show on 6/28.

6/27, 18:00 show:

Takki came out on stage, and we all applauded and cheered. Then as our voice died down, suddenly there was a male voice shouting from the BOX seats! Takki immediately said “I know that voice!!!” *LOL* and actually it’s Ishihara Pro’s boss. Takki thanked him for taking care of him during “Kokuchisezu” last year. And I know he came to watch Takki during Takizawa Kakumei in January, and came to watch Takki again during Takizawa Enbujo (on March 30th)! He really takes good care of him ne~!

Takki thanked Kame too, and he said he still had shows the next day, and more in Nagoya and Osaka. Then someone shouted “Ganbatte!”, and he responded “I’ll do my best yo! I’ll risk my life to the end!” And we all applauded XD Then he thanked everyone again and said “See you again!”…. But JUST before he disappeared back stage, he turned back and shouted “TAKIRANGER will see you again!!” *KYAAA* He was so cute!!

Maa~ this is my favourite encore ne! (If only it was the last show’s~) The way he shouted the last line has become a memory deeply etched in my heart. It made me leave the arena feeling really 幸せ〜

6/28, 17:00 show:

Takki thanked everyone again, and all of us were shouting “one more time!” and Takki said, “you mean ‘one more song’?”, then talked about his own solo songs and Kimagure Jet, etc… then he said that although he is Takizawa Hideaki, he’s also part of Tackey and Tsubasa, so he’ll end the show with a T&T song. He invited the Jrs and cast out on stage (the Jr fans were screaming like crazy), and sang “Love Spiral”.

We tried for Encore #3, but… WE seemed to be the only ones shouting… !? The rest were just clapping (as Takki fans tend to be older, they seemed shy to shout, so they only clapped! And Jr fans probably already got what they wanted, so they didn’t shout as well…) And the four of us were one of the few fans actually shouting for quite some time… then we were a little tired and stopped for a while, but everyone stopped clapping the moment we stopped too….

Kat & I were saying after that, we shouldn’t have stopped shouting…

Random Notes

1) There was a “Tackey Summer Jet” display inside the arena. But I didn’t really get a good shot of it as there were always many people blocking… and I was either late for the shows or late to get out of the arena lol. During the 2nd day, there were flowers sent by people at the side of that display. This is the clearest shot I got:

Tackey Summer Jet display

2) In between the 2nd & 3rd show, as it was raining, and we didn’t have any space to stand near the arena, so we went to the nearby supermarket to get some bento (which we didn’t even really wanted to eat). When we were walking back on the bridge, we saw many umbrellas down there, but assumed that it was the queue to get into the arena… As the queue wasn’t moving, we thought we should have our lunch there on the bridge. We poor souls were squatting, sitting, standing and eating our lunch, while Takki actually came OUT of the arena and had a photo taking session with the fans – for the press!!!!


When we found out about it the next day, you can imagine how much we wanted to stab ourselves!!

3) But even so, I felt really happy this time, a) coz the concert was really really special, and exceptionally enjoyable. Takki might not be the best performer, but he’s a darn good entertainer! He’s really as what they say, “born to be a star” :) and b) coz I met up with many friends this time, from different parts of the world! At the hotel room, eating Macdonalds, taking the train, inside the arena taking baka pics *lol*, along our hotel room corridor taking baka pics *lol*, waiting at the vending machine for everyone… It was really fun! XD

4) I want to have Pink&Silver TAKISHOES TOO! So pretty!!


4) Usually for concerts, we’d be standing throughout the 3 hrs. But this time, during the last show, we sat down quite often. Coz we were simply too tired from all the laughing that we did in the afternoon show LOL… And I really kinda lost myself during the 2nd show’s Ero Ero Dance! So I was exhausted *fufufu* But I think the most important thing was that everyone really enjoyed ourselves!!!

Takisama, thank you for the really fun & enjoyable 9 hours at Yokohama Arena!!


[Report] 滝様コンサート’09 – Part 2

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  1. A wonderful long report that really gives an idea and a feeling of how it was. Probably I would have had to be carried back at the end!

    So smart to record the songs (stealthily, I’m sure). I have regretted bitterly that I didn’t bring my recorder for Enbujou.

    Appreciate the Tegami text too.

  2. Thank you for sharing.
    You are very descriptive and you fun and enthusiasm makes me feel like I was there…almost. NOW I really want to see the ERO ERO dance!

  3. It took me quite a while to finish reading this repo. Wow, you totally took advantage of this trip and watched all three shows!

    Thank you for your great work, Mich. Now time to wait for the Inu drama ne..

  4. Michelle, thank you for such an AMAZINGLY detailed and descriptive report! It sounds like such fun and makes me wish even more I could have seen it..

  5. I’m so wonder how can you remember every bits of the con detail like this.

    I really want to see that cutest VTR of TAKIRANGER, and really want to see eroero dance from your seat.

    How can we pray for avex to get dvd?

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    I reall want to see this con.

    Thanks for your report ne~~~

    It’s so long report. Thanks again ne~~

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