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Takki @ Shounen Club 2009.11.01

Takki sang 3 songs. I love the episode opening of “We can do! We can go!” (hearing the intro just brings me to the old Jr time~), then the song suddenly switched to “Hikari Hitotsu”! Kakkoii! I really like Kis-my-ft2 backdancing for “Hikari Hitotsu”, and I also love whatever Takki’s wearing~ But he looked really tired~~~~ v_v; I wonder if he slept at all the night before… But he still looked so dashing!!! Lol~

colorful tackey
(After creating this screencap image, I realised it kinda suits the theme of the epi lol)


Shounen Club Premium 2009.10.18 – Takki Cut

Here’s a Takki cut from Sunday’s Shounen Club Premium episode. This cut includes the short Jr clip, WITH LOVE, Hikari Hitotsu, etc. This clip was edited out of the full episode raw provided by Linrst8@LJ. Thank you! XD

SCP Takizawa Hideaki Premium Show

AVI, 800×600, 8mins 31s, 78.66MB
Download from MU or MF

I love the way Tono greeted as he entered the studio, hit his back with his fist, cracked his knuckles (he looked a bit nervous ne~), and later rubbed his chest during the ending credits! ^^ Btw, the only Takki part I didn’t include in the cut was this small screenshot of chibi Takki when Ryo talked about him. This was 13 year old Takki, back when he did Kaiki Club hahahaha~

And this is off-topic, but my dad mentioned just two days ago (when I played the Hikari Hitotsu PV on TV), that Takki hasn’t changed much… although he’s much thinner and older now, his features are still the same as when he was 13 – his eyes, nose, curvy mouth… and those 2 moles hehe~

Shounen Club Premium 2009.07.19

The Takisama Concert’09 Stage Report was from 6/28 @ Yokohama Arena… and KYAAAAAAA!!!!!!! They showed “Fight All Night”!!!!

Takisama Concert - stage report

DL from MU or MF (70.87MB)

i miss him…

Tackey @ Shounen Club 2009.05.03

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Although the best and sexiest part of Mugen no Hane (the 5-in-a-column move, hats throwing, catching, dancing with hands in pockets, and hips move) weren’t included in this performance, I’m sooooo happy just to be able to see him dance this Enbujo’09 version again~

Takizawa Hideaki - Shalala, Mugen no Hane (Shounen Club 090503)

DL: MU or MF (77.9MB)

I’m opening part of the Downloads section just for this Shalala rush. They will be locked again when charting is over. Please support Takki by purchasing the original CDs!! Onegaishimasu m(_ _)m

Takizawa Hideaki @ Shounen Club 2009.01.04

Kakkoii!!! I love the length of Takki’s hair… but if we can see his ear on both sides, it’ll be great! And of course, if he had more flesh on his face!!! He’s so thin already then, during the recording of this episode. Can’t imagine what he’ll look like by the end of January t_t;

Shounen Club - Takizawa Hideaki (Yamapi, Ai Kakumei)

Download from MU or MF (98.45MB)

It’s such a warm feeling to see him together with Pi again. And the talk was so cute. Pi said “Nabe (Hot pot) Party!” when it should be “Home Party!”, then Takki started singing about “Kimchi” and “Cabbages” LOL. It just brings me back to the Jr days. Their looks haven’t really changed much ne, only that son has grown taller than Papa, and Papa has worked so hard for the family and lost a lot of flesh…

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