[Radio] Takizawa Denpajou 2009.10.24 (Guest: Hina)

Thank you very much to Nyanco *HUGS* for helping me with the kansai-ben and loads of translations which I just couldn't catch... It's a really fun episode as Takki invited his best friend in Johnnys onto the show!! Opening 滝:Konbanwa. This is Takizawa Denpajou, Takizawa Hideaki. Saa, sorry to keep everyone waiting. Tonight ne, Kanjani … Continue reading [Radio] Takizawa Denpajou 2009.10.24 (Guest: Hina)

[Radio] TOKIO ナイトCLUB 2009.10.24

Special thanks to Nyanco for checking through my translation! ^^ Takki's comment was aired during Matsuoka Masahiro's "TOKIO Nightclub" last Saturday night, on 24th October. Matsuoka-kun (also known as Mabo) also talked about Takki after that. Comment from Takizawa Hideaki: To the listeners of TOKIO NAITOCLUB (Mabo: he sounds fresh~) and to Matsuoka-kun, hello, this … Continue reading [Radio] TOKIO ナイトCLUB 2009.10.24