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3 Q&As from Takizawa Denpajou 2010.02.06

Tono talked about the accident during Saturday’s Denpajo. He usually doesn’t start off by reading a letter, but I think there were many mails from fans regarding the injury, and he didn’t want us to worry, that’s why he chose to talk about that first.

Konbanwa. This is Takizawa Denpajou, Takizawa Hideaki. Saa, this year too, I’ve been doing butai from 1st Jan onwards, and both “Jinsei Kakumei” and “Takizawa Kakumei” have ended safely~ Thank you very much. Thank you everyone for your support. Eh… here I’d like to talk about a mail.

From Hiro who lives in Osaka.
Is your injury alright? During the rope performance, you fell and hit your back, right? Although you continued as though nothing happened, but it was definitely painful. Tono, you are strong ne! I really respect you. I enjoyed the butai.

I see. Well, yeah, there was one day that I fell down during the rope action and hit my back. That day ne, although I have caused everyone to worry a bit, but for me, at that moment… to be honest, I didn’t feel any pain ne. Human beings are strange ne. It was from quite a height… but that fall seemed really long. Maybe, it was short in real, but for me, it seemed that I was in the air for a long time ne. I was thinking of loads of things, like “Oh no! What should I do after this?”, “In what way should I continue?”, “In what way should I cover this up?” etc…


[Radio] Takizawa Denpajou 2009.10.24 (Guest: Hina)

Thank you very much to Nyanco *HUGS* for helping me with the kansai-ben and loads of translations which I just couldn’t catch… It’s a really fun episode as Takki invited his best friend in Johnnys onto the show!!


滝:Konbanwa. This is Takizawa Denpajou, Takizawa Hideaki. Saa, sorry to keep everyone waiting. Tonight ne, Kanjani 8’s Murakami Shingo will come on the show! Without a doubt, he’s in front of me right now in the studio ne. But as it’s still the opening, I’ve told him not to talk… although he’s itching to do so. But today, it’ll be great if the both of us can talk about many things, and also at the end of the show, there’ll be a keyword quiz where you can win presents, so everyone please listen till the very end. Alright then, as I wanna make full use of the time today, I wanna play the first song without delay. This is Takizawa Hideaki’s “Hikari Hitotsu”!

♪ Hikari Hitotsu

(Commercial Break)

滝:Alright, now let me introduce the special guest this time — Murakami Shingo!
村:Doumo. Konbanwa! This is Kanjani 8’s Murakami Shingo.
滝:You’ve finally come.
滝:Maa, basically we meet up more in private, don’t we?
村:Absolutely, we do.
滝:We hardly ever meet up for work stuff. So now, this space here feels really uncomfortable.
滝:Like “Hey, what are we doing!”
村:Exactly! Coz this is probably the first time that just the two of us are together for work.
滝:I think it’s the first time… Ah, shouldn’t it be “it’s been a while”?
村:Is that so…
滝:We did the “Around the world in a week” program ne!
村:Ah, yes, yes, that’s right!
滝:In the past, we both had a really bad relationship yo. Extremely bad ne?
村:Extremely bad ne *laughs*
滝:We mutually hated each other.

[Radio] TOKIO ナイトCLUB 2009.10.24

Special thanks to Nyanco for checking through my translation! ^^

Takki’s comment was aired during Matsuoka Masahiro’s “TOKIO Nightclub” last Saturday night, on 24th October. Matsuoka-kun (also known as Mabo) also talked about Takki after that.

Comment from Takizawa Hideaki:

To the listeners of TOKIO NAITOCLUB (Mabo: he sounds fresh~) and to Matsuoka-kun, hello, this is Takizawa Hideaki. (Mabo: Did he just say Matsuo-kun?) Well, if I were to say, what kind of person is Matsuoka-kun in my eyes ne, ya~ppari ne, just as he looks, he gives me the impression of a “good big brother”. Well, although we don’t really have the chance to meet ne. Well, but like at the year-end Countdown Live, like in the dressing rooms, there were times when we were together. Like when he was going back, or when he was leaving, he didn’t say stuff like “ja ne, ja ne, bye byeee~”, instead he gave sudden and dashing “Otsukare!”s (in the way Mabo says it~) (Mabo: *LOL*). Watching him disappear from the back, I thought “Uwaah!! Coool!!!”. Really ne, he is manly, and a good big brother ne! Well, this is the kind of image I have of Matsuoka-kun.

Well, I am actually doing a radio show too ne. (Mabo: Hey!) To everyone who’s listening to Nippon Housou, I hope that you’ll also tune in to the show after this, “Tackey no Takizawa Denpajou”. Because we’ve prepared some great presents, so everyone please tune in. And this was Takizawa Hideaki.


[Radio] MBSうたぐみ Smile×Songs

Comment from Takizawa Hideaki
O/A Friday 9/18, MBSラジオ

Konbanwa. This is Takizawa Hideaki.
In the past, I was allowed to come on to this program and you said that you had those past clippings of me, but do you still have them, even now? That’s what I’m concerned about.

“Hikari Hitotsu” will release on 23rd September.

I am singing about a majestic theme, for the theme song of a drama. From young children to fathers, I hope that this song will reach out to people of all generations. 

As for what’s expected after this, early in the New Year, I’ll appear in a stage play with Mori Mitsuko-san. I hope to have a wonderful New Year (with everyone), so please come and see the show.

Erm, the background music is “Ai Kakumei” (not sure why~ hmm~).

[Radio] Takizawa Denpajou 2009.09.05

It was the 100th 99th episode of Takizawa Denpajou, and Nishikido Ryo was the guest. Here’s a translation of the program. Enjoy~

Good evening! This is Takizawa Hideaki of Takizawa Denpajou. Well, the week before last, Nishikido, who is co-starring with me in a drama, promised that he would make an appearance again today. Last time, there were various things that we couldn’t get to, however, we were surprisingly able to chat about various topics. For today, I would like the two of us to continue talking about various things, so everyone, please listen until the very end. Well then, let’s go to the first song for tonight. To be released on the 23rd, this is Takizawa Hideaki’s “Hikari Hitotsu”.

♪ ヒカリひとつ ♪

T : First, continuing from last-last week’s Summer special, this person has come to play!
R : Good evening! This is Nishikido Ryo! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
T : Oh! You’re in high spirits ne! And you’re here today!
R : I came today!
T : You’re setting the bar high today.
R : Yes, I will try my best!
T : Indeed~ Well, as we go over various topics.
R : Yes.
T : I want us to do the regular corners together too.
R : I understand.

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