Re-uploads 2015: Batch #3

Today I’ve re-uploaded some subs from the Koi Uta era.

And another subbed clip from Ho! Summer era.

5 thoughts on “Re-uploads 2015: Batch #3

  1. risa says:

    I’ve downloaded all 3 batches. Thank you soo much. I found your site a bit late, so there were so many uploads that I missed. These re-uploads are truly the best New Year’s gift ever! Thank you. Thank you.
    Just a note: I can’t download “Film Festa 2004 (Batch #1) either because it’s blocked with a sign-in request.

  2. YouYun says:

    Thank you very much for re-uploading. I found your site just recently, so I missed quite a lot. Thank you very much again for re-uploading, hope I’ll see more of your re-uploading batch in the near future :)

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